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The inspiration of global semiconductor chip market in 2015 to the development of Shenzhen silicon power

The inspiration of global semiconductor chip market in 2015 to the development of Shenzhen silicon power

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2020/01/02 10:51
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[silicon reading] YTD global chip sales are still growing by 2.7%, but considering the weak demand situation will continue to the third quarter, which is usually the strongest growth quarter, indicating that 2015 may become a year of zero growth or even recession in the chip market.
According to the world semiconductor trade statistics Organization (WSTS) survey data, due to weak market demand, the three-month moving average of global chip sales in July this year declined from the same period last year. YTD's global chip sales are still growing at 2.7% year to date, but given that weak demand will continue into the third quarter, which has always been the strongest quarter, 2015 may be a year of zero growth or even recession for the chip market.
The three-month moving average of global semiconductor sales in July this year was about US $27.88 billion, down 0.9% from July 2014, and 0.4% from US $27.99 billion in June this year.
On the global semiconductor chip market in 2015
From the perspective of regional market, the annual sales volume of China, Asia Pacific and America increased, but Europe (- 12.5%) and Japan (- 13.3%) declined sharply, partly due to the impact of currency depreciation. This has continued to have an impact over the past year.
The impact of the exchange rate was particularly evident in July this year, especially in comparison with the market growth of the euro and the US dollar. In Euro terms, semiconductor sales in Europe are about 2.549 billion euros, down 0.3% from last month, but up 7.1% from the same period last year. In addition, YTD sales in Europe have grown by 12.7% compared with the first seven months of 2014; however, the short-term market growth trend is also slow in terms of Euro or US dollar.
Note: the above information is from the website of electronic enthusiasts
In 2015, the demand for semiconductor chip test equipment was cold and hot, and it is still in a weak state in the fourth quarter. According to President Yang of Shenzhen silicon power, this is an opportunity for chip test equipment companies to overtake in a corner.
[silicon reading] YTD global chip sales are still growing by 2.7%, but considering the weak demand situation will continue to the third quarter, which is usually the strongest growth quarter, indicating that 2015 may become a year of zero growth or even recession in the chip market.
According to the world semiconductor trade statistics Organization (WSTS) survey data, due to weak market demand, the three-month moving average of global chip sales in July this year declined from the same period last year. YTD's global chip sales are still growing at 2.7% year to date, but given that weak demand will continue into the third quarter, which has always been the strongest quarter, 2015 may be a year of zero growth or even recession for the chip market.
The three-month moving average of global semiconductor sales in July this year was about US $27.88 billion, down 0.9% from July 2014, and 0.4% from US $27.99 billion in June this year.
On the global semiconductor chip market in 2015
From the perspective of regional market, the annual sales volume of China, Asia Pacific and America increased, but Europe (- 12.5%) and Japan (- 13.3%) declined sharply, partly due to the impact of currency depreciation. This has continued to have an impact over the past year.
The impact of the exchange rate was particularly evident in July this year, especially in comparison with the market growth of the euro and the US dollar. In Euro terms, semiconductor sales in Europe are about 2.549 billion euros, down 0.3% from last month, but up 7.1% from the same period last year. In addition, YTD sales in Europe have grown by 12.7% compared with the first seven months of 2014; however, the short-term market growth trend is also slow in terms of Euro or US dollar.
Note: the above information is from the website of electronic enthusiasts
In 2015, the demand for semiconductor chip test equipment was cold and hot, and it is still in a weak state in the fourth quarter. According to President Yang of Shenzhen silicon power, this is an opportunity for chip test equipment companies to overtake in a corner.
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