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The scale of M & A transactions in the chip industry has exceeded 100 billion US dollars this year

The scale of M & A transactions in the chip industry has exceeded 100 billion US dollars this year

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2020/01/02 10:53
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According to the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, slowing growth and rising costs have set off a historic wave of mergers and acquisitions in the chip industry. Semiconductor manufacturers seek to simplify their organizational structure and product lines through M & A transactions.
Chip company transactions reached $100.6 billion
So far this year, chip companies have announced $100.6 billion in M & A deals, up from $37.7 billion for the whole year, according to Dealogic, a financial data provider. Although the number of chip companies' m & A transactions this year is 276, down from 369 last year, the scale of the transactions is larger, including Anhua hi tech's record $37 billion acquisition of Broadcom in May this year.
This year, the scale of M & A transactions of chip companies may be further expanded. Last week, Bloomberg reported that analog devices, Maxim integrated products, SanDisk and Fairchild Semiconductor international are in talks on different trading options. Representatives of the four companies declined to comment.
"It's either acquired or sold," says Alex lidow, CEO of Yipu power conversion. Thirty years after leading the chipmaker, International Rectifier, Lido co founded the Yipu power conversion company in 2007.
M & A aims to reduce production costs
For a long time, chip manufacturers have been using acquisition transactions to acquire new technologies, but recently announced many merger transactions are similar to the wave of mergers and acquisitions in some old industries, aiming to reduce costs in production, sales and engineering fields. For example, Anhua high tech expects to save $750 million in costs per year from 2017 after the acquisition of Broadcom. Before Dell announced its $67 billion acquisition of EMC last week, Anhua hi tech's merger with Broadcom was the world's largest high-tech deal.
Gartner, a market research firm, forecast this month that global semiconductor revenue will fall 0.8% this year, the first decline since 2012. Global semiconductor sales will grow 1.9% to $344.1 billion next year, Gartner said.
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According to the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, slowing growth and rising costs have set off a historic wave of mergers and acquisitions in the chip industry. Semiconductor manufacturers seek to simplify their organizational structure and product lines through M & A transactions.
Chip company transactions reached $100.6 billion
So far this year, chip companies have announced $100.6 billion in M & A deals, up from $37.7 billion for the whole year, according to Dealogic, a financial data provider. Although the number of chip companies' m & A transactions this year is 276, down from 369 last year, the scale of the transactions is larger, including Anhua hi tech's record $37 billion acquisition of Broadcom in May this year.
This year, the scale of M & A transactions of chip companies may be further expanded. Last week, Bloomberg reported that analog devices, Maxim integrated products, SanDisk and Fairchild Semiconductor international are in talks on different trading options. Representatives of the four companies declined to comment.
"It's either acquired or sold," says Alex lidow, CEO of Yipu power conversion. Thirty years after leading the chipmaker, International Rectifier, Lido co founded the Yipu power conversion company in 2007.
M & A aims to reduce production costs
For a long time, chip manufacturers have been using acquisition transactions to acquire new technologies, but recently announced many merger transactions are similar to the wave of mergers and acquisitions in some old industries, aiming to reduce costs in production, sales and engineering fields. For example, Anhua high tech expects to save $750 million in costs per year from 2017 after the acquisition of Broadcom. Before Dell announced its $67 billion acquisition of EMC last week, Anhua hi tech's merger with Broadcom was the world's largest high-tech deal.
Gartner, a market research firm, forecast this month that global semiconductor revenue will fall 0.8% this year, the first decline since 2012. Global semiconductor sales will grow 1.9% to $344.1 billion next year, Gartner said.
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