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Sidea Semiconductor Equipment

Management Concept:
People-oriented, constantly create opportunities and platforms for employees to improve their business capabilities, and humanized incentive system, let employees continue to break through themselves and realize their own value. Actively organize employees' collective activities, enrich their spare time, create a home environment, and let employees feel at home. Regarding employees as the company's most important resources, we insist on independent research and development, continue to innovate, develop higher quality products, and provide customers with one-stop solutions from research and development, production to testing. Continuously improve the management system to achieve the common development of customers, enterprises and employees.
Our Mission:
Adhere to independent research and development, continuous innovation, build a national brand of domestic semiconductor equipment, and promote continuous product development.
Corporate purposes:
Win with quality, customer first.
Development policy:


Always focus on the research and development and manufacturing of probe stations, become the leading brand of probe stations in China, improve the R & D and manufacturing capabilities of Chinese chips, realize the localization of semiconductor and LED equipment, and lead the development trend of international semiconductor equipment.